“I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me. Without your dedication and enthusiasm, I would never have found an internship so quickly, I would probably have had a year off. The internship was, in one word, great. I couldn’t be better than it was. In addition, I would also like to thank you for the involvement during my stay. I want to wish the team a lot of success with their business and hopefully until the next time in Málaga. “January 2017
François / International Business

“I ended up at Jongleren through my college. Me and my best friend were looking for an internship in Spain. Joyce arranged an internship for us and an apartment close by. I liked that I could always count on Joyce when I needed to. My friend and I had a fire at our apartment and it was nice to know that there were people around that could be of help.My colleagues spoke a little bit of English and it was helpful that Joyce translated things for us. Often we got questions to see how our internship went, because of this I felt involvement. I found my own way of living and working in Spain. And the moment I had questions or needed advice, Joyce was there to help me every step of the way. “January 2017
Janouk / teaching assistant, childcare

“The experience I had with Joyce and was amazing. Last year, a group of students enjoyed an international internship in Andalusia with great enthusiasm and success, this thanks to the good care of Joyce and the clear communication they use during the process of the internships. Our students came back excited and are looking back on a life-changing experience! “January 2017
Erik Janssen / International Operation Agent, ROC Menso Alting

“There is an excellent cooperative relationship with Joyce van Ombergen, she takes immediate action and the requested internships are filled in within a few weeks! So far, these are internships in Healthcare & Welfare. Accommodation is also well arranged. Although the collaboration is still very new, in the coming school year we will continue to place students in Malaga and surroundings under Joyce’s supervision. “April 2016
André Schoonhoven / ROC da Vinci

“After I decided to do an internship in Málaga, I contacted After a very nice Skype interview, Joyce started looking for a place and accommodation. Within a few weeks the accommodation was arranged and I had an application through Skype with an amazing company. After spending 2 weeks in Malaga, I never want to leave again. “February 2016
Koen Lommerse /student junior account manager

“We were thinking about taking on an intern, but didn’t really execute the idea. Based on a friend’s recommendation Joyce reached out to me proactively just at the right time. She managed to get an intern on board in less than a week! We have since taken the decision to keep working with Joyce and not to run without an intern any longer.” February 2016
Málaga / Ben Kolp

“We’re so onboard with you! It is great to have interns where we can focus on developing their skills and getting some real work done. Rather than assisting with all the external matters of living in Spain. Win-Win-Win for everyone involved and well worth your fees.”
Marketing company in Málaga

“I came in contact with Joyce 3 months ago through a recommendation. I was urgently looking for an internship because the company where I would go to cancelled it the last minute.  After the review  I immediately contacted I had 5 days to find a new internship, to arrange the contracts, get permission from the university, book a ticket, find a house and start. This seemed impossible, but Joyce managed to arrange all of this for me in such a short time! I got to know Joyce as a driven professional with a large network in Málaga. She is driven and takes immediate action. During the time that I was looking for an internship, she clearly communicated and challenged me to get the best out of myself. She is like no other capable of making people enthusiastic, motivated and happy. Through Joyce’s work, I got the chance to work and experience at an interesting company in Malaga. At this moment I’m starting the last month of my internship. I recommend all students who are looking for an internship in Spain to contact! “January 2015
Chi Kwan Tao  / student International Business and Languages

“ has provided us with a beautiful, spacious and affordable apartment in the center of Malaga. We’re very happy with Joyce’s help. “June 2015
Maite en Kelly