Besides organizing internships, we also organise bootcamps. The Málaga Business Bootcamp is an international experience that will take students from where they are to where they want to be in social impact entrepreneurship. We use the power of local entrepreneurs to connect with European students and stimulate them to create new ideas. The students work as a small group and are working for a local business owner who gives the group a challenge.

To prepare for the challenge and their stay in Málaga students will follow Spanish language classes.  With MBB we want student to think outside the box whilst developing their own skills. After these two weeks they have gained a lot of knowledge about business life, the Spanish language and the culture.


Students who participate have the following characteristics:

  •       Eager to learn
  •       Enterprising
  •       Flexible
  •       Out of the box – thinking
  •       Communicative
  •       Team worker
  •       Inquisitive
  •       Creative

JongLeren.es provides:

  •       Roundtrip
  •       Language classes
  •       Project recruitment
  •       Kick-off
  •       Accommodation
  •       Coaching
  •       Project utilities

We have organized projects for various schools, companies and associations. The two most important factors for us are :

  1. The learning process of the student
  2. The added value to the company

Because students will be divided into small groups of 5 – 7 they will be able to move mountains of work in just a short time period. With the help and input of local students, participants will get inspired about new ideas and solutions. They will be able to act and adapt to changing situations whilst developing social and language skills.

A successful project takes at least two weeks. Depending on the needs and wishes from the educational institution we organise a tailor made project.

Think about; business, dentistry, citizenship and dance & theater.


“If you get the chance, grab it with both hands! It was the best experience in my life. It was indescribable.” – Sophie (student)


Please contact us via the contact form to schedule a free Skype conversation.
During this meeting we can discuss the wishes and come up with a good interpretation of the educational project.

“It was an amazing experience to work with the students. It took them some time to get started, but the initial unstructured way of working – according to the principle forming, storming, norming, performing – led to a valuable output, which will help us to grow our business.”
– Ben (entrepreneur)