Why Estepona? – Bo

Why Estepona? – Bo

On February the 4th it was the day, after a couple of months of anticipation I finally was going to Spain. I was super excited in the adventure that was waiting on me. My mother came with me for the first couple of days, not only for the fun, but also to help me get my room ready, get the first groceries, and arrange transport. Because I was going to live and intern in the beautiful city Estepona, which was an hour away with the car from Málaga Airport.

Why Estepona?

I honestly do not have a clear answer for this. During my solicitation interview with the real estate business where I was doing my internship, they informed me that they needed interns in Mijas and Estepona. I had let them know that I would like to work in one of these cities, after snooping around a bit on Google, I chose Estepona. Really because on the pictures it looked nice and it was on the coast side. This might sound weird, but to date I had not ever been to Spain, everything was new for me.

Estepona is a city with approximately 70.000 inhabitants. The city is known for, among other things, the mural paintings that you can see throughout the entire city. I have seen a couple of them and it is quite impressive to see. What stood out to me was how clean the city is, daily there are people working on keeping the streets and parks clean and neat. Also, the people are really friendly and helpful, working with hands and feet people try to help you as much as they can. Even at night it feels very safe to me. I haven’t felt unsafe at any time.


Sadly I had to, like many students, stop my internship because of the coronavirus. I found making this decision very hard. Because I was having a great time with my internship and I had created a really nice bond with our team-assistant Amber Jacobs. At first my plan was to stay.

The situation however worsened very quickly, within three days the travel advice from the Netherlands to Spain was set on orange, which meant you could only go if it was urgent. In addition I received a serious email from school which made me think. Then i had a long call with my parents and my internship supervisor and finally made the decision to go home. Something that made the decision a bit easier was that my parents told me I could go back once the situation had cleared. Till this day I keep faith that I will be able to go back. As long as you believe, I personally believe that eventually it will happen!

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Muchas Gracias!