My adventure – Joyce

My adventure – Joyce

Hi everyone, I will first introduce myself. My name is Joyce Visser and I am from Workum (Friesland, Holland) and I am studying to become a hairdresser and have been in Spain for the past three months to do an internship. During my time in Spain, I wrote a blog every week and posted it on Facebook so my family and friends could follow my adventures.

This time asked me to write a blog for you guys. Of course I said “yes”, because I love to tell you how I experienced everything and want to share some memories. If I want to tell everything I will have more then eleven blogs, so I will keep it short.

The beginning

On the first of September of 2018 I got onto a plane to fly to the South of Spain to do an internship for 10 weeks. At that time I still did not know what to expect. The students who already arrived a few days before, welcomed us with open arms. The first night we all went out and it felt like we already knew each other for years!

In a really short time the group got inseparable. Of course we had some discussions, but what else could we expect after seeing each other almost everyday during these three months. We did a lot of stuff together like, going out in Fuengirola or Málaga, going to the beach on Sunday, trips to Málaga and other places, cook and eat together, watching horror movies and hanging out till early in the morning (which most of the time ended up in a towel fight).

It also happened that we all slept together because it was closer to the place where we were heading or just for fun. We laughed endlessly! We regularly Skyped with friends and family from the Netherlands and everyone from Spain joined the conversation, because in Spain it felt like we were one big family.

The internship

But now the most important thing; the internship. I still remember the first time I stepped into the salon. The first thing I thought was: ‘Wow, this is big’, ‘it has his own style’ and ‘I am so happy that I get to do my internship here’.

We had a huge team of 6 people. If you think about the fact that there were two more interns, it sometimes could get really crowded, but I am so happy this was my internship! Our colleagues took their time to explain everything, helped us and we got to do their hair (or they did ours) if we were really bored.

Before I went to Spain most people thought that I did not get to do a lot of things. I did not think about those thoughts, because who knew what was going to happen? After two weeks of doing my internship I already showed a lot of pictures in my blogs of things I did in the salon like: washing, painting, drying and putting hair up, I learned a lot of things. Every Thursday after work our boss took the time to explain even more. We had to bring a model and he would help us.

The bond we had with our colleagues was really tight, definitely with Petro, our boss, because he is Dutch and most of the colleagues spoke English. I was always talking with them and sometimes, even worse since I was the youngest, I responded to everything. They made a lot of fun about and with me! I wrote down everything in the blogs so the people from the Netherlands could also have a laugh. It’s incredible how much I miss them, they definitely have a place in my heart.

When someone asks me about my experience in Spain I tell them that it was awesome. I am repeating it over and over again. It’s something no one can take away from you. Without a doubt I would get on a plane to go back.

Stay longer??

Not everything was always ‘great’, sometimes we had small problems with the accommodation like things were old and would break down. Or that we got texts from the owner in another language, which we did not understand the way it was written. Luckily enough everything turned out to be just fine. We would and they helped us with the situations. Joost, Joyce and Jackie from were always available and ready to help. I would never say a bad thing about that.

To be honest, I really wanted to stay a bit longer, like the other students who stayed for 6 months. To gain even more experience, 10 weeks is just to short, but okay, I did ‘live’ those 10 weeks. I made so many memories! Whenever I read my blogs I think: “Wow, was that just in the second week?” I am lucky I had the opportunity to do this and I can say that I am proud of myself. Besides that I am also proud of my friends, most of them are still there when I write this. And I am excited to see them again soon.

For the others who are still doubting whether to go abroad, I say: “Go! It’s such a beautiful experience which you do not want to miss.”

Adios amigos,

Joyce Visser