Dare to dream – Job

Dare to dream – Job

Hi, my name is Job and I am from Houten, a village in the province Utrecht in The Netherlands. Since 2018 I am following the study E-Commerce, Marketing and Sales at the University of Applied Sciences TIO in Utrecht. Right now I am doing an internship in Málaga as a marketing and communication employee in a language school. In this blog I will share my internship experiences with you, but let’s start with the beginning.


Spain has fascinated me since I was little. The culture, the way of living and the language got my interest. I started looking for Spanish songs on YouTube and write down the words which I did not know and learned them. I was so enthusiastic that I bought a Spanish A1 level book from my first salary.

My obsession grew since they gave Spanish classes during my study. They taught me about the history of Spain and the language. This gave me so much energy that I created a dream: “Work and live in Spain and if I love it, integrate in the country”. This dream became true.

My internship

I am doing an internship at a language school in Spain, it’s an institute for future English teachers located in Málaga. They have several courses where you can obtain a teacher degree to teach worldwide. I am working on the marketing & communication department. Therefore I am in charge of building a new website and make sure to score high in the Google ranking. This is a nice and interesting challenge for me!

I feel at home at my internship, but also in Málaga. The city is lovely, it has beautiful beaches, delicious food and friendly people. The Spanish people get enthusiastic when a foreigner starts speaking Spanish. That’s how a grandmother started speaking to me in Spanish; “Que hora es?” and I answered in Spanish. Before I knew we had a conversation about all kinds of subjects and told her that I was from the Netherlands. She reacted very positive and thought that my Spanish was really good.

The only thing I had to get used to was the fact that here in Spain I have several roommates. It was hard at the beginning, but now I am used to it.

Do you also have dreams or do you really want to do an internship abroad? Just do it, it’s really good for your development, but also for the experience. My motto has always been: “Dare to dream”.