Why Estepona? – Bo

Estepona is a city with approximately 70.000 inhabitants. The city is known for, among other things, the mural paintings that you can see throughout the entire city. I have seen a couple of them and it is quite impressive to see.

Dare to dream – Job

I feel at home at my internship, but also in Málaga. The city is lovely, it has beautiful beaches, delicious food and friendly people. The Spanish people get enthusiastic when a foreigner starts speaking Spanish.

Piece of cake – Janiek

Through I managed the get some lessons through Skype from a Venezuelan teacher and they also connected me to a local charity organization. Now I was able to use everything I learned in practice at the Charity Shop in San Pedro, close to my house!

Social work – Toon

You learn how to deal with people with special needs, it’s perfect to improve your language skills and you are able to see the problems in an organization which you aren’t able to see in any other work placement.

My adventure – Joyce

But now the most important thing; the internship. I still remember the first time I stepped into the salon. The first thing I thought was: ‘Wow, this is big’, ‘it has his own style’ and ‘I am so happy that I get to do my internship here’.