Read here about the adventures of our students!

Estepona is a city with approximately 70.000 inhabitants. The city is known for, among other things, the mural paintings that you can see throughout the entire city. I have seen a couple of them and it is quite impressive to see. Read further
Whenever you are homesick (and those moments will be there), it is important to think about the reason why you wanted to go abroad in the first place. Read further
I feel at home at my internship, but also in Málaga. The city is lovely, it has beautiful beaches, delicious food and friendly people. The Spanish people get enthusiastic when a foreigner starts speaking Spanish. Read further
Through I managed the get some lessons through Skype from a Venezuelan teacher and they also connected me to a local charity organization. Now I was able to use everything I learned in practice at the Charity Shop in San Pedro, close to my house! Read further
You learn how to deal with people with special needs, it’s perfect to improve your language skills and you are able to see the problems in an organization which you aren’t able to see in any other work placement. Read further
But now the most important thing; the internship. I still remember the first time I stepped into the salon. The first thing I thought was: ‘Wow, this is big’, ‘it has his own style’ and ‘I am so happy that I get to do my internship here’. Read further
We have booked several restaurants and excursions for our guests, called cabs or rented cars for them. We were also in touch with the local police, doctors and the Guardia Civil. Read further
The thing I loved most was when clients gave positive feedback and left the store with a smile. Sometimes they were so happy that they gave me a bottle of wine. This really gave me a boost. Read further
Their slogan is “The most important thing is your attitude“. They live up to this by having a great attitude even during difficult times. The team consists of people from Spain, The Netherlands, Italy and Argentina. Read further
Once she arrived at the airport we booked something else. The new plan was to take the TGV (train) from Brussels to Paris and take a plane from Paris to Málaga. Read further
After a few days I started with my internship. This day was very different than I thought. The next morning I directly knew this wasn’t the internship place where I would be happy. Read further
When I finally arrived the first thing I saw was a big wooden coffin. Did a patient of mine just die?? The transfer confirmed my feeling, a patient died that night. Read further
At my internship I felt at home and my colleagues were really nice. I had just started when they asked me to go to the Second Home fair in Utrecht with three other companies. Read further
I had my study coach who was constantly chasing me with the message “if you want to get more out of your studies, you should really go abroad,” this is something that worked for me. Read further
We thought we were well prepared and focused on Spanish. However, the Spanish language in Andalusia is very different, the people who live here often leave out bits of words. Think of hasta luego (see you), they pronounce it here as ta luego. Read further
I was homesick and wanted to go home. Back to the countryside, I did not want to live in a city anymore. I had already packed my bags, so to speak. I missed my home, my family and my friends. Nobody could stop me anymore, I had to and will Read further
We learn a lot, because it is very different then in the Netherlands. We love it here and we are enjoying every part! We also have a group of Spanish friends, each person is awesome. Read further
One of the most difficult things I had to adjust myself to was the way of life around here with time. Maybe you’re thinking like “What? Time? Get your watch and leave your place”. Read further
At the end the bus came at 9.45… Me, as a true Dutch person I was frustrated while the people around me were making jokes. They saw it from the bright side. Something you will never experience in the Netherlands! Read further
During the interview they immediately convinced me and I decided to hire After only 4 days (!) they already had organised a job interview with a company in Málaga. The company gave me a good feeling. Read further