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The time

Even though Málaga is just a 3 hour flight away from Amsterdam, the difference in its culture is enormous. After spending 6 and a half weeks in Málaga, I can say that I’m used to most of the habits around there.

One of the most difficult things I had to adjust myself to was the way of life around here. Maybe you’re thinking like “What? Time?” Get your watch and leave your place”. Well.. It’s doesn’t work like that AT ALL!

For the people who are very close to me, know that time, planning and structure are a really big deal to me. Wherever I was, as well was my agenda. To be honest, at one point I even worked with two agendas … .

Every day was determined. Till the hour I was planned with meetings, more than one meeting in one day was a normal day for me. Before school I go to work, after work I go to school till for example 5:30 PM, after school I go from stopping by one of my friends directly to the gym and end the day with boyfriend.

Results, I wanted to make plans and the first 4 till 5 weeks were scheduled like this. Ridiculous! Most of the time I was really tired, crazy right? I tried to do a lot of things in one day. I often said “I wish a day had more than 24 hours” to my boyfriend or parents.

To return back to the story, this mentality disappeared haha. Way easier!

Mañana, mañana (tomorrow, tomorrow) and tranquilo (calm) is more or less a holy word. I noticed that it was quite difficult for me to get used to this. I work for a Dutch employer so workwise it doesn’t affect me.


The first couple of days I was exactly at 18:00 in my apartment because I had to eat. Who told me to? And why at 18:00? I wasn’t hungry at all. One of the typical dutch habits. The Spaniards drink coffee with something sweet around that time, go to lunch at around 14:00-15:00 (the first few days I had to get used to this) and dinner is way later.

It’s normal to eat dinner around 22:00-23:00. In the weekends I could have dinner at 00:00. During my first week it was Feria de Málaga. With a few acquaintances we went to the terrain which belonged to the feria. After we waited for 1 hour and a half till the group was complete (sight) everyone still had to eat, tranquilo. After another hour and a half they finished their food. Meanwhile I was getting crazy because of my typical Dutch mindset. But no, it doesn’t work like that. When you go out the parties start around 01:00 till 06:00, so you can guess that there is still enough time!

Everything goes in speed 0. Eating, meeting and even the people walking in the street. Rush doesn’t exists here.

I got used to the ‘mañana’ part very quick. When I arrived, it was over more than 40 degrees, every single day, sometimes it even raised to 43. I love the warmth and the sun, but this was just too much. You don’t want this. You want to stay in home with airco, but you also want to go outside since the sun is shining.

Living outside, the warmth an the Spanish mentality; I love it, it’s calm and everything goes alright. There are still some documents which I have to organise, oeps.. Mañana ;-)

Office manager

The biggest frustration was making appointments. Most of the people I hang out with are from the southern of America, Spaniards or people, who like me, are integrated. After getting used to the warmth, eating at ‘new’ times, the language and everything, the social meetings started to make place. I love it!

Do we meet at 23:00 at Plaza de la Merced? Yes, sure!
Do you want us to pick you up after your internship? 17:45 at the statue? Great plan!
Do you want to go out? We will be at 22:00 at your place. Nice.

None of these times were completed. I was rushing everyday to get there in time. Even Though I am not the type of person who is always on time, but at least I try. But forget it. I automatically waited for over more than half an hour (AARGH). After several text messages, getting angry, complaining and being very very annoyed I am used to it.

It doesn’t really matter with who you are staying, and half an hour on the time you agreed on.

And the people who say “I am on my way” DON’T BELIEVE THEM! You see them, when you see them.

And right now? I am half an hour late (or more). I eat my lunch at 14:30 and my dinner at 22:00.

Tranquilo, there is a new day mañana!


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