Blog Marnix in Marbella

Hello, my name is Marnix Rollfs of Roelofs. Yes, that is my last name: Rollfs of Roelofs!

I am 19 years old and I am doing the education Media Product Management at Nova College in Haarlem. I am in my last year and I am doing my graduation internship. Therefore I am in Spain for 4 months. An internship in Spain? Is that possible? Yes sure!

At my school they give students the oportunity to do an internship abroad. You can go to England, Finland, Germany, France or Spain.

Why did I choose Spain? Normally you go on holiday  to Spain. Every time when I spendt my vacation abroad I thought ‘’What would it be like to work here full time?’’ Is it hard because your friends and family aren’t there or will the days go by faster than in the Netherlands? This thought was one of the reasons that I chose to do my internship in Spain.

But also because of the weather of course! Because to be honest, who doesn’t want to have lovely weather for 4 months when you go to work or in the weekend when you are relaxing in the garden.

The most important reason is the adventure that I would have in Spain. I saw my whole stay as one big adventure that I will never forget!

Why did I chose to do my internship abroad in the first place? Well, because I was done with the Netherlands.. No, just kidding. In the Netherlands you have multiple opportunities to gain experience on the job market. But when I heard in the first year that I am able to do an internship abroad I went for it! I thought ‘’This is a chance that you won’t get that often.’’ At the beginning I had some doubts about certain topics, for example the financial part, but at the end I chose to go for it. And I really don’t regret it! Because what an adventure! Wow!

My internship period in Marbella, Spain, began in January 2015. Half a week before my internship began, I already went to Marbella to get to know the city and the surroundings, where I have lived for the past few months.

The first thing that I noticed was; everything is way more relaxing than the Netherlands. I think that is the biggest difference between Spain and the Netherlands.

For example: If you have to wait for the bus in the Netherlands, because it’s 3 minutes to late, people will get angry at the bus driver, they are grumpy and will talk about it for the whole day. But here, when a bus driver will be late for 10 minutes, everyone is relaxed and will make jokes with the people around them. This is something I experienced myself.

Halfway my internship I had to take the bus to the office for one time, because normally I am going with the car. The bus was going to arrive at 8.30 at the bus stop where I was waiting. At the end the bus came at 9.45… Me, as a true Dutch person I was frustrated while the people around me were making jokes. They saw it from the bright side. Something you will never experience in the Netherlands!

A cultural difference between Spain and the Netherlands is that in Spain people cycle on the highway… Yes really, they cycle on the highway. Life dangerous of course, but that won’t stop them. They risk their own life to drive at the highway to go to their destination. To be honest, when I went to my internship it was really tricky to drive next to them. You have to make one wrong move and it can be over and done.

But lets keep it happy! Another big cultural difference is living on the street. That is something fantastic! When the work is done, the families are together and had dinner, they go to different meeting points. In Marbella they will go to a boulevard, parks in the centre or to the different harbours that Marbella has. Here there is always something to do and really crowded! But that’s really fun and amazing!

So, if you have the chance to do an internship abroad.. I will do it if I were you! Such a big adventure will not take place a lot and it looks good on your resume!

And if you can choose a country, I will choose Spain. It is maybe a country known for the warm vacations, but it’s also very interesting to learn the other side of the country.

If you want to arrange it good, I would definitely ask for help. Joyce will help you an amazing internship that fits you!

She has found my internship as well, where I have the greatest time and which I don’t have want to leave yet!

I am really happy with the help of Joyce from

I am closing this blog with an awesome quote form writer Helen Keller:

-Life is either a daring adventure or nothing-