Why abroad? – Lisa

If you were with me last year saying “Lisa, get an internship abroad!” I would have probably looked questioningly and declared you insane. My answer would therefore be a resounding “no way”!

But why not?

Of course, I thought about the nice things and the added value of an internship abroad, but what I was thinking about was what I would miss out on. I like to be in my own so-called comfort zone, I have a fantastic partner whom I would not want to be away from, cannot really go a day without my four-legged friends and would secretly also miss my parents a bit. Because yes, washing, cooking and shopping? Without me, my parents would get bored … I wouldn’t do that to them of course ;).

Yet I am now on my laptop in sunny Spain … and that is not for a short vacation. It is for a period of five months and yes, you read that correctly! We are still talking about the same Lisa who used the words ‘no way’ if you even started talking about a foreign internship. And yet this girl is here!

Get out of your comfort zone!

That is exactly what I want to say with this story. Because if you really want to grow, that will not happen as quickly if you stay in your comfort zone. Do you really want to achieve something? Then sometimes you have to make difficult choices. Fortunately, I had my study coach who was constantly chasing me with the message “if you want to get more out of your studies, you should really go abroad,” this is something that worked for me. But of course, you can also make this choice yourself!

After a long thought, I finally took the challenge. The road to it was not always fun. You have to arrange things that you do not have to arrange for a ‘normal’ internship, leave behind things that are dear to you, have to deal with a strange culture and it all remains exciting. But what you get back is indescribable! New friends, a different way of working, fresh energy, motivation and an experience for life! Then missing the things back home isn’t really that bad right?


Everything I was so afraid of turned out to be a joke in the end compared to what it brought me. I hardly have time to reflect on the fact that I’m missing my comfortable life by all the impressions I get here. With the right housemates, all household tasks are one hundred percent easier and it’s only good to see what you can do independently. You learn from each other and you learn to know yourself from a whole new, social and strong side.

It has given me confidence. Making new friends is no problem here and the support of JongLeren.es is super good. They are very involved with all students and soon you have an extra family here!

Ultimately, the choice is yours, because YOU are the one who has to make it happen! Follow your heart and step out of your comfort zone, make friends for life and enjoy all the beauty that this country has to offer. These moments will enrich your life, so grab your chance!

See you soon in Spain!

Love, Lisa (student Media designer Cibap)