Stay positive!

29th of April 2018, at 03:00h the alarm went off. Fi-nal-ly the time had come! With my pink suitcase, which was way too big and my blue hand luggage I stepped into the car. Ready for a new adventure. At last it was time to go to Spain (Benalmádena) for an internship in a hotel for 2,5 months. I was really looking forward to the internship. I am 18 years old and I am studying hospitality manager/entrepreneur at the Alfa College in Hardenberg (The Netherlands). After receiving a lot of information and having conversations at school, I went with my classmate and best friend Demi to Spain for one of our last internships of this study.


Unfortunately when we were on our way to the airport we received bad news through the radio. There was a power outage at Schiphol. The biggest one ever, exactly that day. All the exits were closed, my parents and I passed the exits right before they cut it off. Demi and her parents saw how the exits got closed. When we arrived at the airport we saw (what we already thought) that our flight was canceled. If we wanted to change our flight with the same company we couldn’t fly until the 5th of May. This was something we did not want since we were ready for the adventure. Yet we remained positive.

We saw several options and websites and this is how we got to plan B. While we were investigating plan B, Demi was still on her way to the airport and we talked every 5 minutes to discuss the new plan. Once she arrived at the airport we booked something else. The new plan was to take the TGV (train) from Brussels to Paris and take a plane from Paris to Málaga. Where we were supposed fly from Amsterdam at 07:50h, we now took the train at 16:15h and the airplane at 20:30.


Everything started quite well… but also from this we learned. This was just the beginning of everything we were about to experience during our first week. The first day of school, the 30th of April, we arrived late because we could not find the institute, the power went off when we tried to make pizza (thanks to Demi we soon had electricity again) and we locked ourselves out of the house. Well.. actually I was the one that locked us out.

Demi and I were ready to do the groceries. They advised us to go to Aldi’s, so we did. Right now we go to another grocery store, so we don’t have to climb hills. But our house, like most of the other houses in Spain, is pretty well secured. Bars in front of the window, etc. And everything has a lock, also the bedroom. We decided to leave the key of the bedroom on the bedside table. Before we went out to do the groceries I closed the door of the bedroom without thinking. This we found out when we returned with fully filled bags. I could laugh and cry at the same time. The landlord gave us the only key there was, and all our stuff and important belongings were in that room!


After a lot of trying with knives and barrettes, Demi came up with a new idea. We have a swimming pool so there was also a broom and a skimmer to keep it clean. From outside we could open the window, so 1 + 1 = 2. Demi took the broom and I pushed with some effort the skimmer through the bars. But we still had to catch the key. After looking at each other and laughing we were sure we only had one chance. And yes! In one move we managed to put the key in the skimmer. After being really careful we had the key!

And we learned much more. For example how I tried to scare a rat which was on our outside wall. I thought it was going to leave easily, but instead of going away it ran towards me. Afterwards this was hilarious, but at that moment I screamed and ran inside.


These are things that I will remember forever and this is not even everything. If I am going to write down everything, I will still be writing tomorrow. Yet I would not trade this time for anything in the world. I had an amazing time. The Spanish peace and the helpful people are awesome. Living in Spain is never boring. Thank you Joost and Joyce for this amazing time!