Changing internships..


I am studying E-commerce, Marketing and Sales at the University of Applied Science of Tio in Utrecht. For my internship during my second year I decided to pack my bags and take off to Spain. This wasn’t organized as fast as I thought, after sending lots of application letters I decided to contact

Within a few days I had an internship in a wellbeing retreat. In good spirit and tears it was finally time, I hopped on the airplane on my way to a new adventure. Once I arrived in Spain all my worries were taken away. It felt like a long vacation with lots of sun.


After a few days I started with my internship. This day was very different than I thought. The next morning I directly knew this wasn’t the internship place where I would be happy. The nature and the quiet surroundings of the wellbeing retreat wasn’t something for me. After a couple of phone calls and with helpful advice of I decided to stop my internship immediately. This was difficult for me but it was the best choice.


Joyce and Joost directly started to search to be able to find me a new internship company. The same day Joyce called to tell me that there was an outdoor furniture company in San Pedro. I was impressed and really wanted to pass by. The same day I had my interview and my new internship was set.

Now after two weeks I am really enjoying my internship, I have lovely colleagues. I am happy with the change and the opportunity they gave me. I am looking forward to the next ten weeks to see the company grow, learn a lot and to provide my input.

At last I want to thank Joost and Joyce for all the effort they have put in finding the right place, I am really happy!!

Saludos, Laura