Blog Joëlle & Melanie

foto stagiaires

Hello, we are Joëlle and Melanie and we are following the education childcare worker at the school ‘Da Vinci’ in Gorinchem. We heard that we had the opportunity to do our internship abroad and that seemed a great idea to us!
We choose for Spain, Málaga. After a few conversations everything got serious and came very near. The goodbye parties went by and it was time to pack our suitcases.

When we arrived at the airport we still did not realize we were going away for 9 weeks. We both had the feeling we were going on vacation, haha. At the airport in Malaga we quick went searching for our suitcases, more than 15 minutes we were waiting at the wrong luggage belt.. great start =). As soon as we found our suitcases we went to the exit where Joyce and her husband were waiting for us.


Around midnight we arrived in our super lovely apartment. The next morning we unpacked our suitcases, did groceries and got to know the village. At the internship we were welcomed very warmly and every person is great! We learn a lot, because it is very different then in the Netherlands. We love it here and we are enjoying every part! We also have a group of Spanish friends, each person is awesome.

We are already here for 4 weeks en we ‘only’ have 5 more weeks left. On the one hand we hate to go home, but on the other hand ‘home is best’.

We really want to thank Joyce for all the effort she made for us, we really appreciate it!

Lots of love, Joelle and Melanie!