Internship at a travel agency in Málaga

Before coming to Malaga I did not really know that well what I could expect, I knew I would join on trips with students to locations around Malaga.
After my first week in Malaga I found out that this is only a small part of what I would do.

Different countries and cultures

The company I would do my internship at was a travel agency for young people.  The slogan is “The most important thing is your attitude“. They live up to this by having a great attitude even during difficult times. The team consists of people from Spain, The Netherlands, Italy and Argentina. The people who travel with the agency come from all over the world.
This allows me to meet all kinds of people from different countries and cultures. This has been the best part of my internship!

It has been the first time that I have lived alone, and it has been amazing. Especially when you are living in Malaga with 600 other students. I could always find someone to go to the beach with and there is a party going on at all times. I also got used to the Spanish lifestyle really quickly. Taking a nap everyday and coming 15 minutes late everywhere you go is standard here and it has made me incredibly lazy.

Photography tour

In the first month here I started a photography tour for people who wanted to learn more about photography. I have given two courses in different topics to over 40 people. The reason I did this is because I wanted a new challenge besides my internship. Starting this project has been an amazing challenge of which I am very happy I did!