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Internship rollercoaster

My internship process started in May. I applicated for an internship in Gibraltar and got invited for an interview in Amsterdam. I got accepted, went to make a company description and waited for the approval of my college. They approved my internship! Meanwhile it was the 16th of June. I sent the contract and the only thing that was left to do were the signatures of all the three parties. When my exams started I didn’t really paid attention to my internship. After two weeks I did get a little nervous, but told myself that everything will be alright and concentrated my mind again on my exams.

Before I knew it, it was the 8th of July, the day of my last exam. This was the same day when I got a phone call with the bad news. The company called me that because of the Brexit I couldn’t do my internship.

Everything started again from day one, I had to search for a new internship. I spended most of my vacation searching for an internship. To keep the story short there came a time with loads of applications, waiting and rejections. I went to France for two week and when I came back I still waited for a response of my last hope. After 1 month and a half they answered mel they already had some. This was for me the moment to search for an internship agency.

My results were and another company and I got in touch with both companies. The other company asked me to sent everything for an internship in Madrid without getting to know each other, while invited me for an interview.

During the interview they immediately convinced me and I decided to hire After only 4 days (!) they already had organised a job interview with a company in Málaga. The company gave me a good feeling. Everything started perfect and I could start with my internship! They also searched for an accommodation that suited to my needs.

Within a week everything was organised, from organising an internship to the approval of my college.

I still had one week left to take care of the last few things before departure. It was pleasant that I could get in touch with for all my questions, this gave me more confidence that I would find my way in Málaga.

Once I arrived were also available for other things. This little confidence is exactly what you need when you arrive in a strange city in a strange country. I had my internship at a Danish company with a very fun team. Up till know it’s awesome. I still can’t believe that within two weeks I found an internship and went to Málaga.

If I could start over again I would have hired from the beginning. They give you confidence and take away the stress towards your internship

I want to thank a lot for saving my internship!