We were also in contact with the police..

Hola holaa,

Today (September 25th of 2018) it has already been a few weeks since I came back from the beautiful sunny Marbella and I still want to go back!


Last summer I went to Marbella for three months. Even though the year before I already went there for an internship, it was still extremely difficult to find a fun and interesting internship on my own. After lots of mailing and waiting for (no) answers, I contacted an internship support agency to help me.

I knew JongLeren.es from the year before. They helped a girl last minute with an internship at the company where I did my internship. They felt like a warm company that care about their students. They pay visits to the companies during the internships and keep in touch to see if everything goes well. That’s why I have chosen them.

After sending my CV and motivation letter they directly contacted me to plan a Skype conversation. This was when I got to know Joost. He explained to me how they work and I had the chance to tell about my preferences. After my confirmation they did everything to find me an internship. I regularly received texts with an update about the search. After some time and struggles, JongLeren.es found a fantastic internship for me!


I ended up in a beautiful hotel in Mijas costa, where I worked as a Front Office Manager Assistant. It was a small hotel with 40 rooms (in different categories), 4 penthouses and 14 studios in the outbuilding. Every guest could make use of the facilities they have to offer; the restaurant, martini cocktail lounge, in- and outdoor swimming pools, bar at the swimming pool, sunbeds, beauty salon, fitness and a boutique. Besides that, the hotel also has a space for weddings and other events. There was live music almost every night in the restaurant and on Sundays they organized the famous ‘Sunday lunch’ and ‘Pool party’.

The purpose of my internship was to fulfil a management position in a company related to my study hotel- and event management, to gain more experience.

In the last few weeks I was active on different fronts within the company. Which meant I learned a lot in several areas, like front office, back office and events. Because of this I have more experience in the hospitality industry.


Besides the regular tasks like: informing guests, handling complaints, making reservations for the hotel, restaurant and VIP beds (through phone and email), responding to mails and check-in and check-out, I helped my internship coach Janet to organise weddings and helped the kitchen with several tasks. And last but not least I was in contact with external parties. We have booked several restaurants and excursions for our guests, called cabs or rented cars for them. We were also in touch with the local police, doctors and the Guardia Civil. Whenever something happened, they had to be informed. During my 13 weeks of internship I experienced everything, from power outage to robbery and a wedding which got out of hand, everything has happened.

During my internship I was in contact with JongLeren.es quite a lot, they passed by and we contacted through WhatsApp. They organised meetings with students from the area and connected students. They were involved and really tried to make everything run smoothly. Not one moment I regretted my choice to hire an internship intermediar.


I had an awesome time at the hotel, I finally learned how I could convert the theory into practice. The area was awesome. There was a lot of diversity and I could take a lot of initiative. My colleagues were happy with my dedication and curiosity. We had a good connection and a lot of fun. There was not one boring moment and I learned a lot.

I have gained another great experience! Muchas gracias por la buena experiencia!