My experience abroad in Malaga – BERNIEN


The last week of my internship period has already started … The last weeks have gone very fast. I look back on eleven very nice and instructive weeks. I have met so many new people and learned so many things at JongLeren.In the first weeks I looked at my internship very differently. I found it very difficult to live in a different environment, to be away from the people I normally see almost every day and I also found it very difficult to be in a country for a longer period of time where I simply do not speak the language. I was homesick and wanted to go home. Back to the countryside, I did not want to live in a city anymore. I had already packed my bags, so to speak. I missed my home, my family and my friends. Nobody could stop me anymore, I had to and will go home .. But nothing is certain, I am still here today and I look back on a super fun time.

I got over it. I realized that I was not here for nothing. I wanted this so badly. I really could not just throw this away. Maybe I’ll miss it when I’m home, maybe I’ll regret it. Then I can´t go back. It is cowardly if I do not just try it again. This went through my mind. I had given myself two weeks to see how it went. If I still did not feel comfortable after these two weeks, I would go home. I kept in mind that every day a plane goes home. And if I really did not keep up, I could take the first plane back home.


After two weeks it actually went a lot better. I felt much more comfortable and we could suddenly move to a beautiful apartment in the heart of Málaga. I could not let that pass me by. I got to know more and more people. It was going a lot better for me. Little by little. I had a visit from my parents when I needed this. This has given me a real boost. I could handle it again! And now … now I secretly even find it a bit of a shame to go home. I’m very excited to see my family and friends again, but I’m sure to miss Málaga. That is not surprising. Because who does not like Málaga?

It is always nice weather in Málaga! In any case, it is always warmer than in the Netherlands. There is also a lot to see in Málaga. You never get bored here. And what I like about Málaga is the beach. A big city by the sea. What else do you want?

I look back on a fantastic time. I certainly enjoyed it, got to know a lot of people and even became more independent. I advise everyone to do a foreign internship. If you get the chance, take that opportunity for sure!