Internship in Marbella – Anouk

My name is Anouk Verschoor, I am 18 years old and I am in my last year of my education: Direction Assistant/Management assistant.

Sunday the 4th of February of 2018 it was time, I went to Spain to do an internship for four months in a real estate company in Marbella. It was something I dreamt of for quite a while, when I had the chance I immediately took it with both hands. The first two months I stayed in an apartment with two Spanish girls. Through them I learned the culture and the Spanish habits. Besides that it was difficult to communicate with them since I did not know any Spanish, and I found out that not every Spanish person speaks English.

In the beginning I did a lot of stuff on my own, since I didn’t know anyone. Therefore I learnt a lot since I had no one who could teach it to me. At my internship I felt at home and my colleagues were really nice. I had just started when they asked me to go to the Second Home fair in Utrecht with three other companies.

In March we flew out there and stayed in a hotel for five nights. It was a good way to get to know my colleagues, since I also spend some private time with them. I also liked the fact that I was back in the Netherlands, even though I got tired of the rain and felt like I was at home when I arrived in Spain.

Pretty quickly I met someone through and all the others who, through stayed in Marbella. It’s a nice group of Dutch people and we hang out every once in a while. Half way I moved to the apartment where three friends of the group lived. It was so different living with them than with two Spanish girls. Now it’s way better, we do a lot of things together and go out.

I am staying here for more than a month and I really love it. I learned a whole bunch of things and got independent.

I recommend everyone to do an internship abroad!